“Now that I have finished the Life Basics program, I am handling the things that I used to let slide or had trouble keeping up with. Now that I have finished the program, I feel better about myself. I am more responsible now, without having to work at it and I truly take care of myself, my personal property and my living and working space.”                  – C.R., Age 15

Our Life Basics program is what your child needs. The length of the program varies, depending on what would give your child a chance to really evaluate his life and the tools we offer, to see how these tools work and to figure out his plan for becoming cause over life.

The whole lifestyle at Mojave is such that all successful tools that we teach the children are applied in the way we live. So, while they are learning about exchange and communication, getting along with others and how to produce, they are also applying it daily. All the children help with the daily work, garden, meals, cleaning and also helping each other. The staff members themselves apply all the tools we teach, including all the precepts of The Way To Happiness and the Communication skills covered in our communication seminars.

During this program, your child will participate in international programs such as:

We also deliver daily important life seminars based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard, on subjects such as:

  • Communication
  • Assisting others
  • How to Study (Study Technology)
  • Understanding Life (The A.R.C. Triangle)
  • Choosing friends/predicting behavior (The Tone Scale)
  • The Cause of Conflicts
  • Improving Conditions in Life
  • And many more

Information about the technology from these seminars can be found at www.volunteerministers.org.


“I used to be pretty lazy when I was at home. I had no interest in doing anything except to play video games. Whenever my mom would ask me to do stuff I would complain, take longer than necessary to get it done because then she would just do it, or I would just not do it.Since coming to Mojave and doing the Life Basics program I realized that I just have to be willing to push myself to get things done. I never understood that before. I used to let the feeling of not wanting to do something stop me from doing things, sometimes even things I really did want to do.I have improved on getting things done. It doesn’t bother me to work, although I push myself to get it done fast so I have time to play and do the things I really enjoy.Now doing stuff is easier, I actually enjoy finishing things. I like how my parents react to how much I am willing to do at home. When I went to stay with my dad, he was amazed that he didn’t have to ask me even one time to help out with dishes or cleaning up around the house. I just did it.The Life Basics program has changed my life a lot, now that I keep everything in my life organized and I don’t put off taking care of what needs to be done I really have time to do what I want.I am more confident in my ability to do anything I want to and the great thing is I know I can!” – B.B., Age 14