About the Mojave Life Basics™ program

We started as Mojave Desert School in the 1980s. As the society was dwindling, the children enrolling in our school were harder and harder to reach. While they were there physically, there was so much that was preventing them from really being there spiritually, mentally, etc. They were “stuck” in incidents from earlier that day, earlier that week. Problems, upsets, situations that they weren’t sure how to handle were constantly distracting them from school. The TV shows and movies targeted at children were teaching unscrupulous moral codes, and more and more children were attached to video games and electronics. Basically, we found that there was now a lot more a child needed besides the basic education subjects, and that in most cases this was needed before they were ready to buckle down and learn.

After doing the communication drills on the Life Basics program I find now that I almost never have upsets with people due to incorrect communication. Now I can actually handle pretty much any communication that I receive. After the Life Basics program the possibilities in my future are endless.” M.S., age 14

This called for a new program, some way to get these children hatted on life, to give them tools they can take and use immediately in their surroundings. Tools to handle their harried parents, their downtone friends and their own emotions. Hence, Life Basics was created.

Our Life Basics program immediately became well known in our community for changing around children who were not doing well in life. Whether just a child who would annoy everyone around them, or even a child who was picking fights and breaking rules; all types benefited from this program. A shy girl would turn into a confident young woman who can speak for herself, or a sullen young boy who doesn’t believe in rules would turn into a high-dynamic leader.

In 2001, Mojave Desert School made a big change, moving from the Mojave Desert in California to the beautiful mountains of New Mexico, changing it’s name to Mojave Academy.  There it successfully ran a boarding school for 12 years, as well as holding fun and packed Summer Camps every summer.

In 2015, we bought new land closer to Albuquerque and decided to open a camp for children who need the help we have been providing with Life Basics. We are no longer a school, but a camp offering shorter term programs where we can help your child get his feet back under him, bring up his morale and self-integrity and send him home with new tools that can help him do better in life. This is our Life Basics camp.

Before I came to Mojave Academy I had little reason or motivation to follow any rules. I didn’t feel like following. I would not really care enough to tow the line unless there was some benefit in it for me. This was a problem I didn’t even realize I had until I came to Mojave. I handled this here and my conscience is now clear. I haven’t looked back. The improvement I have seen in myself is great and I’d do it all again in a second. My ‘law breaking’ days are over and truth be told the straight and narrow isn’t straight or narrow. I also had a really hard time owning up to or taking responsibility for things that I should have. I would just make excuses and not do anything about it. Now I can not only say ‘yes I should have done that’ I actually do something about it.” —M.S., age 14

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