We are here to help your child. A lot of children have a hard time figuring out their goals, what games they want to play and how to get where they want to go. In this process, children and teens especially can pick the wrong game to play and find themselves stacked under broken moral codes, individuating from their family or school. We have a wonderful ethics program that can be done with the Life Basics™ program to help your child find the right path that will bring them, with confidence, to their goals.

After being at Mojave’s summer camp last year, I became a whole lot more out-going as a person. My overall emotional tone level went up. I learned a lot of things and I was able to keep creating new realities for those things. I generally had a better work ethic, better overall ethics and integrity and I became a much more productive person. I also became a lot healthier. It is because of these changes that I would like to come back next summer. —A.L., age 14