Will your child be ready for “The Real World?”

I would like you to look at what is really important for our children. Is it really important that they walk away from years and years of study with a piece of paper in their hands that says they are “a someone”?

Education has been buried under so many opinions, authoritarian ideas and programs from the state that most people consider it is only about getting good grades or getting a college degree.  But it doesn’t seem to matter that these things do not promise happiness – or a true ability to succeed. So then, of what does a “good education” consist?

Ron Hubbard, educator and humanitarian, says the following, which I think is very pertinent to what I have to say to you:

“Now I have been very fortunate to know in my life quite a few geniuses – fellows that really wrote their name fairly large in the world of literature and science – and I consider myself very fortunate to have known them because they are rare. Why are they so rare? I found something peculiar about these fellows – they were taught in some YMCA school or they were taught by some Englishman who ran a little college for difficult children in the street; they were all taught – it seems – in some kind of off-breed school.”   ~ L. Ron Hubbard

How is this pertinent and why is it important? Could it be that those schooled in an “off-breed” educational setting could possibly have more freedom to create, to imagine and to be themselves, thus tapping into the genius of their true potential? This warrants some inspection.

One can easily see, in this age of modern technology, how a child can lose the sense of what is real. “Wait until you get out into the real world!” is a phrase often heralded to children by their parents. And it’s true. The real world does not lie inside a video game, an MP3 player or a cell phone text message. Gone are the days when children helped to till the land, participate in the care of livestock and bake bread. Gone are the days when they learned, on a daily basis, how to be industrious and independent – or are they?

Nestled high in the wilderness mountains on 160 pristine acres, the Mojave Academy offers a setting which allows students to discover themselves and their purpose. How else are we so different and why is it that our methods are so effective?

One of our unique programs, the Life Basics™ program, is designed to first address any area of the student’s life that may be troubling him or creating problems for him in school, with parents or peers. These areas are gently worked on until the student is confident, has initiative and integrity.  The student would then ordinarily move on to our effective Educational Repair ™program, designed to address all areas of academic difficulties.

There is no set curriculum at Mojave Academy. Rather, each student receives an individual program based on his own goals and purposes in life. This makes learning worthwhile and fun for the student, as he recognizes why he is studying a particular subject and can foresee its usefulness to him in his future.

At the Mojave Academy there are no televisions, video games or computer games. Instead of being over-stimulated by the virtual reality of simulated life, here the child will actually live life and begin to create his own interests. In this way, we can teach the child without him having to constantly battle a world around him that is telling him to be lazy, bored and irresponsible.

We all work together as a team here, so the children learn how rewarding and valuable it is to be a contributing member of a group. This begins to come naturally as the child is allowed to participate in group functions such as cooking meals, caring for our many animals, organic gardening, keeping the grounds clean and community services.

After successful completion of Life Basics and Educational Repair, the student can then re-enter his former environment, having many workable tools to handle those previously “impossible” problems. He will likely be more than one grade level ahead academically, and you will have a child of whom you are proud, knowing that he will make the correct decisions for himself. One that is prepared for “The Real World.”

That’s how we are different at the Mojave Academy, and that’s what we call a good education. I hope you take the time to find out more about our school, our programs and L. Ron Hubbard’s educational philosophy and see the results for yourself.


Yours for a better future,

Cheri Hall

Executive Director, Mojave Academy


Cheri Hall has been an educator for over 38 years and the Executive Director of the Mojave Academy for the past 14 years. Cheri’s love of children and dedication to helping them learn is an ongoing source of inspiration to those around her and to many in the educational field.

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