Effective Education is Possible

If the key to our children’s success in life is education, then why hasn’t there been a resurgence in the US economy? With all of the available schools (public and private, trade schools, college preparatory schools, two-year associate degree programs, four-year colleges, etc.) turning out graduates you would think that you would begin to see a significant change in the success of our endeavors world-wide.

The answer is simple: what is needed is effective education. Not simply an attendance record and passing grades on exams. With all of the different types of schools, education systems, learning methods, etc. how do you determine which one will actually provide an education that your child can use to live a more involved and contributing life?

Educator and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard covers the basics of an effective education in this quote:

“Actually, it will be as much use to him as it is considered casually. This accounts, in some measure, for the tremendous difference in the attitude toward education of one trained by causal and interested tutors and one trained between the millstones of the public school system, with all the horrors of the examination for passing. And accounts for the complete failure, on the part of universities, to educate into existence a leadership class. The secret lies entirely in the fact that education is as effective as it is pleasant, unhurried, casual, and is as ineffective as it is stressed to be important.

—L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from The Creation of Human Ability, pg 202

Consideration: a thought.

Based upon the above, the kind of education that is truly needed would be of interest to the student and would facilitate a drive and motivation in the student to learn.

This is a unique point of view, a challenge to the traditional education system. However, if you were to look into the noted geniuses down through history you may be surprised to learn that they received their education in just such a manner. Don’t you owe it to your child to give them the same opportunity to attain an education that will make the most of their potential?

Yours for a better future,

Cheri Hall

Executive Director, Mojave Academy

Cheri Hall has been an educator for over 38 years and the Executive Director of the Mojave Academy for the past 14 years. Cheri’s love of children and dedication to helping them learn is an ongoing source of inspiration to those around her and too many in the educational field.

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