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Mojave Life Basics program develops Happy, Ethical and Competent individuals
We offer programs for children that help them achieve happiness, a sense of ethics and knowing that they are able individuals who can achieve what they want in life. Our drug-free methods of helping a child with their life have been successfully applied for over 30 years by our group. We offer the children a change of environment, a place where they can step back from whatever difficulties they are having and take a look at their life from a new perspective. This alone is very valuable to helping anyone.

We believe that each child is unique and therefore only a unique approach, tailored to that child, can truly help him put his feet on the correct path in life. False data on how one should act, react or think about life is all over TV, movies and internet and can be quite confusing to children.They are hungry for data and soak it up from TV shows, or video games. They are not learning enough helpful information and useful tools for truly being happy and successful in life, and so they may find themselves lost, confused and no longer knowing what is right or wrong.

The Mojave Life Basics™ program is based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard, philosopher and humanitarian. This program teaches children many helpful and useful tools that they can use to conquer life, have their feet on the road to survival, be able to learn anything in order to be competent, communicate easily with others and overall be happy with themselves.

When children learn to understand life, themselves and people around them they replace the false data with the true data and become competent, ethical and compassionate, thereby finding success and happiness in life. This is our goal for your child.

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